• Thursday, 13. August 2020 19:31
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Last weekend Caer Cadarns visited Solusek Ro's Tower again for some extra flags, shinies and general sight-seeing.

Unfortunately, as we learned the hard way, there are some hardcore encounters that do not present themselves on first glance and have to be mastered first…

And so it happnened that one of our finest and high-ranking member (Lostenya, name changed by the editorial staff) finally met her ultimate nemesis in the tower which looked this:



After a few panic attacks, verbal (polite) outbreaks and undefined noises on discord from her, our always helpful members rushed to assist her in defeating this imposing and challenging foe!

Which turned out to be a challenge of its own, as she was nowhere to be found, poor signal reception in the tower led to unresponsive communication attempts and the thorough descriptions and advices she recived via discord looked to her like this:

*sigh* ok, time to do it the hard way…

A fearless pink (and still ugly) frog quickly huffled and shuffled and jumped up and down the stairs and clicked his way through the braziers to her rescue!

And so he found her at last helpless with a big sign over her head:

With the timely assistance of the *yack* frog she managed to defeat her new nemesis and rejoin her fellow guild members on their path to deal swift retribution on the burning prince!

But after all the rush and excitment we decided to not risk a premature heart attack of our fearless adventurer and so we went for a bit of backflagging in the rather straight forward Halls of Honor to give even more our our own access to the Elemental Planes.


Well, we had much fun that evening and I had tears of laughter in my eyes from listening on discord. Breathing was a challenge at some points, but as the experienced CC raider that I am, I as up to it!

And that is what makes it fun for us playing together, because not only the kills count, but the way we do them together is what's most important (and much more hilarious sometiems)!


I will try to keep you update with more "behind-the-scened" news from CC!





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