Join Caer Cadarns and what you need to know!

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Join Caer Cadarns and what you need to know!

Thu Jun 23, 2016 9:02 pm

Please make a new post under Applicants, and copy and complete the template below.

NB! Please use your main character's name as forum user name when posting the application!

Application Template

Character Name:


Level at time of application:

Reasons for applying to Caer Cadarns:

How did you hear of Caer Cadarns?:

Name of alt characters (contact information purpose only):

An officer will contact you in game for a guild invitation. We currently have a two week trial period after which recruits are promoted to full members. If we can not get ahold of you within two weeks from the posting of your application, then the applicaton will be considered as incomplete.

Please contact Lalenya, Dragari, Phump or Diska if you have any questions or concerns regarding our recruitment process.

We're looking forward to your application! :)

Returning former members

Former members, who used to be in Caer Cadarns but made the decision to remove themselves from the guild at some point, can apply to be reinvited as normal. Returning members will have the standard two weeks trial period, but will also need to have three current members stepping up as sponsors for them during the trial period. If a returning member doesn't have three sponsors during the first two weeks of their trial, then the trial time will be extended, typically by two weeks. If the returning member still does not have three sponsors after the extended trial, then their membership will be taken up for a vote among the guild's members.

The sponsor announces their sponsorship by posting that as a reply to the recruit's thread.

NB! Returning members from the raid alliance with Darkwind X are exempted from this rule and will be allowed to be re-tagged in Caer Cadarns as full Members immediately

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