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12 September

A Sunday in Sleeper's Tomb

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Caer Cadarns spent the Sunday in Sleeper's Tomb and we made our way to the warders:

What an excellent way to spend a Sunday! We'll return soon enough for some more well earned upgrades for Caer Cadarns' members. Congratulations all!


05 September

Countdown to Luclin!

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Come join us in the countdown to Shadows of Luclin!

Caer Cadarns is looking forward to the release of Shadows of Luclin expansion on the Phiningel server! Many of Caer Cadarns' members played on the original live servers and later on p99 and other TLP servers and we have now experienced Classic, Kunark and Velious - sometimes even repeatedly. We are therefore very excited to get new zones, quests, upgrades and raids to enjoy and we're preparing by gaining levels, getting gear upgrades through raiding and questing, advancing in tradeskills and refreshing our knowledge of the Luclin zones and encounters.

Remember the feeling of future
adventures in an unopened box?

Caer Cadarns is always looking for additions to our guild and recruitments are open for all classes and levels! Come enjoy the countdown to - and contents of - Shadows of Luclin with us! Link to application forum

Kind regards,

21 August

Back in Sleeper's Tomb

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How to spend a Sunday afternoon with Caer Cadarns, you ask? Well, we thought that getting our melees some Primal weapons is an excellent thing to do and since many of our members now have keys to ST, we decided to give it a go.

Here are some examples of what a Sunday afternoon can result in:

Caer Cadarns will return many more times to ST, that's for sure!


11 August

Dozekar and raid survey

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Dear all,

We're seeing and enjoying the effects of Caer Cadarns' members returning from holidays, well rested and ready to raid again! We went back to Halls of Testing the other evening and gave Dozekar a try

The future looks very promising for Caer Cadarns and our upcoming adventures in Velious and beyond!

We recently conducted a survey among our members to find the best raiding setup for Caer Cadarns. The results confirm that the concept of raiding three nights a week, with an additional "Epic Fight Night", creates the right balance for a family friendly raiding guild. Caer Cadarns' raids begin at 8pm CET and last for three hours. We're always looking for additions to our guild and recruitments are open for all classes and levels: Application forum

Until next time!

08 August

More than we could carry?

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As Caer Cadars now is on Claws of Veeshan faction, we enjoy many upgrades in the form of quest rewards and, of course, regular loot.

We spent Sunday evening in ToV Halls of Testing and it really paid off:

Cloth Armor Drops: 8
1 Tattered Silk Pantaloons
1 Tattered Silk Boots
1 Tattered Silk Sleeves
1 Tattered Silk Turban
2 Tattered Silk Gloves
2 Tattered Silk Wristband

Leather Armor Drops: 9
1 Unadorned Leather Tunic
1 Unadorned Leather Bracelet
2 Unadorned Leather Leggings
2 Unadorned Leather Gloves
3 Unadorned Leather Sleeves

Chain Armor Drops: 3
1 Unadorned Chain Coif
2 Unadorned Chain Bracer

Plate Armor Drops: 21
1 Unadorned Plate Greaves
3 Unadorned Plate Boots
3 Unadorned Plate Helmet
4 Unadorned Plate Vambraces
5 Unadorned Plate Gauntlets
5 Unadorned Plate Bracer

Grats to everyone who got upgrades - now let's farm 123 armor gems, eh? =)


28 July

Caer Cadarns to side with Dragons!

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Hello everyone,

Many members of Caer Cadarns are now back from well deserved summer holidays, and they return straight into the winter wonderland that is Velious, where Caer Cadarns has made an important announcement today:

We will now be the allies of Dragons!

(Official Velious guild faction is Claws of Veeshan from here on)

As allies of Dragons, we are obligated to take down the enemies of the Dragons, and no targets are more suitable than Derakor the Vindicator, The Statue of Ralloz Zek and of course King Tormax! Kael Drakkel echoed of silence once Caer Cadarns had slain all enemies of the Dragons!

Congratulations to everyone who got nice upgrades thanks to our generous former friend King Tormax!  ;)


21 July

Caer Cadarns is recruiting

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Caer Cadarns is a family friendly, active, Europe based, raiding guild with a strong sense of community that is open for all Phinigel players, regardless of class, level or location.

Caer Cadars is now recruiting and are welcoming all classes! We're currently raiding 3-4 days a week and hitting targets in Velious raid zone, with raid forces from level 50 and up.

It's easy to apply to join Caer Cadarns, just follow the instructions in our Applications Forum.

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